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Panasonic develops more powerful batteries

More powerful batteries for use in all types of devices, from computers to electric vehicles developed by the Corporation Panasonic Corp.

According to the announcement of the Japanese electronics manufacturer, the new lithium-ion batteries are 20% and 30% more powerful than today’s.

The batteries can increase the range of electric vehicles run on a single charge, from 200 kilometers (120 miles) about 270 kilometers (170 miles).

Major automakers around the world are making electric vehicles or plug, intensifying the competition to generate improved lithium-ion batteries. Is expected to increase demand for them to be used in vehicles and not just in computers and electrical appliances.

Panasonic makes a project with Toyota Motor Corp. to supply batteries for hybrid vehicles, including the Prius and plug models, but the company has announced it is negotiating with 10 automakers to supply the new batteries.

Panasonic also recently acquired majority control of its Japanese rival Sanyo Electric Co., which also develops lithium ion technology. Sanyo batteries supplied by Germany’s Volkswagen AG.

Due to the global warming debate, Panasonic will try to benefit from the efforts of governments (like the U.S. and Europe) to reduce emissions of polluting gases.

Panasonic has said it has developed a safer technology with new batteries to prevent overheating, a relatively common problem in lithium ion batteries.

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