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The most wanted

They are not the most wanted 2009, but according to Google will be in 2010. These are pages that the search considers emerging between speaking users

1. Windows 7
The new Microsoft operating system accounts for much of the emerging search. Its creators sell it as simpler and more intuitive than its predecessors.

2. Megaupload
This site is dedicated to file sharing. You upload the file to a remote server and another user can download it from any remote computer. Ideal to avoid the cumbersome attachments ultrapesados.

3. Facebook
It’s the big global social network. Photos, talks, campaigns, videos, retrieve friends from the past and some gossip.

4. Google Translate
The Google translation service to translate from Spanish that allows dozens of languages and vice versa. Even sites.

5. Series junkies
In a storm on intellectual property, this portal allows downloading the greatest hits of television.

One of the reference sites in Argentina. Many content and a powerful search engine users

7. Tuenti
In 2006 the then American student created Tuenti Zaryn Dentzel, a social network like Facebook, but aimed at a public speaking and perhaps younger.

8. Lady Gaga
Joanne Stefani Germanotta Angelina hopes to replace in the hearts of millions of fans to Madonna and her acolytes. In its official website: video, messages from fans, information about their performances …
9. Indivisual
This series is one of the amateur events the Network Starring a very peculiar group of young people, takes place in a neighborhood of Seville. His forte is the parody of other television series.

10. Antena 3 videos
Physics or chemistry, Boarding … the series of this chain have many fans looking back episodes. It also offers scenes of shootings and secret files.



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