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Discover mummies and a bible of the year 1575

Restoration work in the church of Santo Domingo and the Cathedral of Zacatecas in central Mexico, has pinpointed 37 mummified bodies and a Bible of 1575 written in several languages.

The mummies were found in the church of Santo Domingo, and a stairway leading to a cave where they found the skeleton of a magistrate of the colonial era, according to the State Government.

For its part, the Bible was in the bibliographic file of the Cathedral Basilica of Zacatecas. It is written in Hebrew, Chaldean, Greek and Latin, and according to the state government there are only a hundred copies like that in the world.

The findings occurred during restoration processes that take place in both religious precincts, involving 75 persons and whose total investment is 51 million pesos (about $ 4.1 million).

Zacatecas, mineral-rich state, became one of the main enclaves of the colonial era, which explains the lifting important sacred buildings.

In this sense, the cathedral and the church of Santo Domingo are the most important, so that its restoration seeks to preserve the heritage of the state.

The 16 000 items of artistic and documentary of the cathedral are also subject to a classification, restoration and preservation.

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